Monday, May 24, 2010


YOUR MINDSET DECIDES YOUR SELF PORTRAIT: the way you reason and the kind of thoughts you have about your self determines how you see yourself.

YOUR PORTRAIT OF YOURSELF DECIDES YOUR ATTITUDE: it is very important to know that the way you feels or sees your self reflects in your attitude to human persons, to situations and even to yourself. Feel too superior of yourself and you will end up with arrogance. Feel too low of your self and you will end up with inferiority complex.

YOUR ATTITUDE DECIDES ACCESS TO YOU: it is a pure fact that the way you relate to people will determine the easiness of people coming to you. Mean people usually have lesser access while friendly people has more access to meet and relate with people.

ACCESS DECIDES FAVOR IN YOUR LIFE: have you come to realize that friendly and easy-going people easily earns people's favor? Because, people easily like them; they feel yeah... this is the kind of person i can comfortably talk to.
Apart from people having access to relate with you, you also need to give God an access to relate with you. With God you are ensured of His DIVINE FAVOR.

: when i say rewards i mean rewards. It can be a financial reward, emotional reward, physical rewards, position reward, spiritual rewards, acceptance reward or just any reward.

You can work on yourself my dear friend and be divinely favored.

Friday, February 26, 2010

THE NEW BEGINNING; part 2- Steps to new beginning

We have discussed what we meant by "The new beginning" from our last post which is the part 1 of this inspiring topic. Please refer back to the post as it will give you a better understanding and follow up for this one.
This is the part 2 of "The New Beginning" and we will be looking at the THREE major STEPS that you need to take in order to move to a new beginning.
By step we mean lifting your leg to another ground. So this article is based on those three ways you can use to lift your leg to another ground of a new promise.

STEP 1, Arise and Shine: It is a pity that some people have not got the feel of a new beginning because they are still hiding under a dust. The first step you need to achieve new things this year is to get up, dust yourself and begin to shine. Hei! am i speaking in riddles? Let me break it down. You have to know that you are someone special and that the Almighty has created you with a unique potential. Discover who you are and your potentials. Begin to think positive of yourself. This is the time for you to come out of from your shell and position yourself, mix up with the right people and don't let inferiority complex push you down. Refer to our post on the "TIPS TO BUILD YOUR SELF ESTEEM" as this will surely help out.

From the book of Isiah 52 : 2, it says, "Rise up from the dirt, free yourself from the rope around your neck". Whatever tying down your vision, check it off, free yourself and focus your eyes on your vision.

STEP 2, Beware of Darkness. The word "darkness" can be used to refer to those obstacles that want to discourage you. You should be aware of them coming because, they will definitely come but can not bring you down if you look beyond them. Believe you can conquer any darkness meddling on your way to the new achievements because you definitely can.
Remember the Lord's assurance in Isaiah 60 : 2 which says, "The earth is covered with darkness but the glory of the Lord shines brightly upon you".

STEP 3, Be Ready with your Vessel. One of my favorite quotes said by Oprah Winfrey is, "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity". That goal you have been pursuing for a long time now, how prepared are you to grab it when it comes your way. Yes, i am saying this because it will definitely come but you need to be ready with your vessel. According o Andrew Carnegie, " The power that removes all limitations from the mind is faith". You need to prepare your mind to accept this greater level of new achievement by getting rid of all negative thoughts. Your mind is a great asset and you need to equip it.

Celebrate your new achievement and match on to higher ones!

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