Friday, January 22, 2010

THE NEW BEGINNING; part 1-Fear not

This is your YEAR of a new beginning if you really believe it, ready to take away the obstacle of fear and take a new step. By "new beginning" i mean a time to achieve something higher, a time for upgrading all areas of your life and a time to record new success. This new year is a time for new achievement, new success; so you need to prepare your mind for that. I know you might have achieved something last year but we are talking about achieving new things this year 2010. You have to leave the old achievements, have a new dream/vision and match it to actions for new achievements.

Fear is one of the negative emotions that have stopped so many from using there God given talents and opportunities to acquire success. Are you having a fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of opposition, fear of losses or any type of fear that have caged you from doing something over those beautiful ideas in your head?

What should you know about fear? In Deuteronomy 31 : 8 it says, "The Lord will lead you into the land. He will always be with you and help you, so don't ever be afraid of your enemies".
What you should learn now is that you must not allow fear to stop you because you are not alone as you think. You have somebody who is ready to help you make things new in your life and you have to give Him a chance.
The book of Exodus14 : 31 and Hebrew 10 :35 is telling you to put all your trust/confidence in God. The big mistake any man will be making is to put trust on a fellow man. God is there for you and if you acknowledge His presence in your life, put all your trust in Him, you have dealt with fear and will be matching to a new beginning.

The road to achievement is not easy. There are rough roads, but you have to learn to see your challenges as a stepping stone to a higher ground. In 1st Peter 5 : 7 it is written that God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to Him. Therefore, FEAR NOT and match into a NEW BEGINNING.

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