Saturday, April 18, 2009


Master mind is the alliance of two or more minds, working together in the spirit of perfect harmony, for the attainment of a defined goal. This means for us to achieve our purpose in life we need the help of likely mind people to gain from their physical and mental contribution in a spirit of harmony. President Obama did not gain his success through a single effort. He has a team of likely minds who contributed mentally, physically and financially in spirit of unionism to achieve this great name in the history of our time. Most successful business men of history were able to build big business empires because they formed a team of members of master mind alliance.

The members of your team may be your colleagues, friends, relatives, the people you never know and most of all it must be people who understand your goal and ready to rub minds together to see to the accomplishment of the major goal. A very important factor to consider while choosing a member of your master mind alliance is his/her mental attitude towards himself/herself and other members of the team. If he has a negative mental attitude which can make him to be selfish, envy, egoistical and provocative in his relationship with others he can destroy his usefulness as well as others.

To be able to achieve one's major goal, one need to relate with the members of his master mind alliance so that he will get the full benefit of their brains in a spirit of unionism. You need to induce the members of your mastermind alliance to get their full support by having and maintaining a harmonious relationship with them.


FINANCIAL GAIN: it is a well known that people are motivated to work in other to earn financial benefits. The dream to live in expensive houses, drive the latest cars, visit the most expensive tourist areas, fly around the world in private jets and so on is a drive that will make any rational man to work hard to achieve that dream . You can use this to motivate and induce your members to work together to attain your major goal by offering them a good financial benefit in accordance to their input.

EMOTION OF LOVE: there are two ways the emotion of love can be applied. The first is to know that most times peoples hard work is driven by the force of "love" they feel for their loved ones. Daddies and mummies work hard to give their children the best of life they can afford. Husbands wok hard to be recognized as the"man" by their sweethearts and also to give them the life they think befits them. Use this as an approach to gingering them to work by reminding them to make their loved ones proud. Secondly, you need to go informal; show some love and care to your team members as this will help them to see the bond holding you all together in the pursuit of a common goal.

SELF RECOGNITION: this is another approach to stimulate your members to focus on the major goal and put in their best. There are men who want recognition more than the financial gain.

SELF EXPRESSION: this is very important knowing that you informed this team for their contributions, you should try to give all the members eqaul platform and encourage them to freely express their views.

ACCEPTANCE: this is showing and treating each member of your master mind alliance as a family member. See yourself as one unit and always relate to that factor that binds you together as a team.

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