Monday, May 24, 2010


YOUR MINDSET DECIDES YOUR SELF PORTRAIT: the way you reason and the kind of thoughts you have about your self determines how you see yourself.

YOUR PORTRAIT OF YOURSELF DECIDES YOUR ATTITUDE: it is very important to know that the way you feels or sees your self reflects in your attitude to human persons, to situations and even to yourself. Feel too superior of yourself and you will end up with arrogance. Feel too low of your self and you will end up with inferiority complex.

YOUR ATTITUDE DECIDES ACCESS TO YOU: it is a pure fact that the way you relate to people will determine the easiness of people coming to you. Mean people usually have lesser access while friendly people has more access to meet and relate with people.

ACCESS DECIDES FAVOR IN YOUR LIFE: have you come to realize that friendly and easy-going people easily earns people's favor? Because, people easily like them; they feel yeah... this is the kind of person i can comfortably talk to.
Apart from people having access to relate with you, you also need to give God an access to relate with you. With God you are ensured of His DIVINE FAVOR.

: when i say rewards i mean rewards. It can be a financial reward, emotional reward, physical rewards, position reward, spiritual rewards, acceptance reward or just any reward.

You can work on yourself my dear friend and be divinely favored.

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