Saturday, April 18, 2009


Faith is a powerful force that helps a man to see beyond his obstacles and challenges. The road to success is not filled with a bread and butter, we do see thorns that try to discourage us, but having faith turns you from a quitter to an achiever. Yes, faith gives you power to become an achiever because, it is the power that removes all limitations from the mind. If not for faith, there will be nothing like airplanes, people going to the moon and other powerful inventions.

The source of all faith is believing in our creator; the Almighty God who tells us that all things are possible to them that believe. He has given us the power to overcome all limitations, obstacles to be able to achieve our purpose in life.

Having faith can be likened to believing in you; in other words having a self confidence

  • You need to understand that self confidence is a state of the mind which is under the control of the individual. It is not an inborn trait possessed by some and lacking in others. You can develop your self confidence if you really want to.
  • Start by defining your purpose and drawing a clear cut actions to achieving it. You need to know what you really want and have plans to making it come true. With this, you will not have difficulties beleiving in yourself
  • Deal with the fear of failure by beleiving that failure has one peculiar benefit. Life has a way of developing strenght and wisdom in individuals through defeat and failures. Many great men of history failed one time or the other but they saw it as a learning step to a higher ground.
  • Acquire self confidence by conditioning your mind for unusual tasks. Faith can be developed through your actions or deeds.

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