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Are you holding on to old obsolete ideas that keep you enslaved to working hard long hours to barely get by? Perhaps you are losing your market share to your competition that is developing smart eBusiness solutions and marketing through blogs, social networks, RSS feeds, SEO and PPC. Don't let fear hold you back. You can empower yourself with information and get help from an expert eBusiness consulting company. An appropriate web eBusiness strategy is your ticket to more choices, more money, greater fulfillment and less worry and stress. So let's get started ...

This article is an introduction for entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, speakers, authors and coaches who are ready to learn about effective eBusiness solutions, many of which can passively generate a 5-6 figure monthly income.

The type of eBusiness strategy that will work for you depends largely upon your goals and your type of business. Below is a description of eBusiness web site applications and their various uses that may include branding, lead generation, sales and viral marketing. Often, these can be combined in a single web eBusiness strategy.

  • eCommerce is the best choice for the sale of products and services for a fixed fee that are purchased through a shopping cart where purchases are made by credit card or eCheck. An affiliate program can easily be added to leverage sales.
  • A catalog web site is an alternative to eCommerce when the goal is to showcase products and provide the merchant with a request for quote. Like eCommerce, an effective catalog web site allows the visitor to register, login and access favorites they have saved. This is appropriate for custom orders or when it is desirable to work directly with the customer during order taking.
  • Content Management System (CMS) is an ideal choice for branding, establishing credibility, lead generation and viral sharing of information with your market.
  • Membership web sites are ideal for authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs. These sites allow you to enroll members who have access to information and numerous other functions that may include forums, surveys, contests, news and blogs. Membership web sites can offer free and paid membership programs with access based on level of membership. Affiliate programs are often added to exponentially grow membership and profits.
  • Directory web sites provide a specific target market with access to information about merchants or service providers of interest to them. This can be very specific like a directory of dentists or more general like health care providers. Directories can be targeted to local markets or like Online Yellow Pages, service a nationwide market of shoppers. Directories can be a type of membership site and are often free for visitors and derive revenue from members who pay to be listed as a form of advertising.
  • eLearning web sites provide schools, corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals, opportunities to provide online instruction to particular groups within their market. The instruction can integrate video, podcasts, webinars, forums, articles and opportunities to ask questions. Functions such as online testing, scoring and test results with immediate feedback can be integrated. The eLearning system can even generate proof of compliance with requirements such as continuing education credits for professionals. This type of web site can save a company considerable dollars when used for employee and leadership training. It can also produce substantial ongoing revenue when the user pays to access the instruction and testing.
  • Blogs not only allow you to establish yourself as an expert to your market, they are an excellent tool for interacting with and building a community, generating leads, branding your name and virally spreading your information to your market.
  • Landing pages are an ideal solution for selling one particular product or for lead generation with a specific purpose.
  • Squeeze pages focus on lead generation but allow visitors to access information whether or not they opt in to the subscriber list.

Profitable and Smart eBusiness Solutions are Automated Systems

Automation through custom database development and custom and pre-programmed applications allow for many functions to occur without manual effort. This means that a visitor can complete any number of actions, interact with content, produce one or more unique results, be subscribed to a list and receive follow up emails and autoresponders without any effort required on the part of the business owner. This occurs 24/7, producing leads, sales, affiliates and revenue with a minimum of human intervention. Obviously, the type of business and goals for ebusiness solutions determine whether or not a phone call or personalized email is required for follow up.

Viral Marketing and eBusiness Solutions

Effective eBusiness solutions integrate concepts of viral marketing so that sharing is easy, encouraged and rewarded. Blogs offer excellent opportunities to encourage sharing through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. Options to email to a friend and subscribe to one or more RSS Feeds provide viewers with opportunities to share content with or without an incentive. Affiliate programs offer monetary rewards for sharing content with a market that produces sales or generates leads.

Winning Your Market through Multimedia eBusiness Solutions

Video and podcasts offer some of the best methods of effectively reaching and capturing a market. It is becoming easier and much less costly to produce quality multimedia content that can be distributed through RSS Feeds, blogs, social networks, web sites and email. Syndication of video and podcasts is an eBusiness strategy that should not be overlooked.

High Profit Moneymaking eBusiness Strategy Example

If your goal is to produce a 5-6 figure passive monthly income, the best eBusiness solutions are those that require monthly or annual fees for membership or advertising.

Let's assume you have a directory site for chiropractors with 3 groups.

  • Group 1 pays $25 a month to be found in one or more categories with a basic page of information including a web site link and inquiry form.
  • Group 2 pays $50 a month for a page that includes everything the first group receives and allows them to upload a video, pictures and testimonials with ratings.
  • Group 3 pays $100 a month for everything that group 2 receives and gets an immediate text message on their mobile whenever their inquiry form is completed.
  • Let's also assume you have a successful affiliate program in place that pays your affiliates 20 percent of the sales they are responsible for, every month.

By the end of year one, you have the following membership:

  • In group 1, you have 1000 advertisers paying $25 / month for a total of $25,000 / month.
  • In group 2, you have 1000 advertisers paying $50 / month for a total of $50,000 / month
  • In group 3, you have 500 advertisers paying $100 / month for a total of $50,000 / month

In total, you have $125,000 / month in gross revenue from passive income. You pay your affiliates $25,000 / month and even if you pay another $25,000 / month in marketing expenses, you have a net profit of $75,000 / month.

Almost any business can benefit from such a solution. An expert eBusiness consulting company can help you to identify high profit ebusiness ideas that can free you from a life of hard work and the limited results you are getting. Look for more eBusiness articles from WebPuzzleMaster.com

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