Saturday, June 20, 2009


1. What is the real desire of your hearth? This is what your heart sincerely yearns for and not what somebody somewhere wants you to do neither is it the fleeting fantasies occupying your mind.

2. What do you think that really moves you passionately; something you enjoy doing and do with so much zeal? When you are into something that you enjoy doing, you feel energized and that shows you are on the right track. In my famous e-book, “profit boosting guide on stocks, I told a true life story about a man who lost his job but later built found success as a laundry man. This is because e enjoys washing and ironing clothes. Your heart feels at peace when you are on the right path of your destiny.

3. What are your gifts and talents? This is why it is encouraged for schools to include curriculum activities in their school programme as this helps in identification of varying talents possessed by their students. You will never know that you are creative until you engage yourself in creative activities. Same goes to a talented novelist, you can never know till the day you start writing. Allowing yourself to test different activities and programme that catches your interest helps to identify the special talents God has deposited in you.

4. Seek counsel from the right people. That road you want to follow, there are people who have been there before you. If you aspire to be a medical doctor, there are many medical doctors in the society who you can reach out to. You don’t know it all so you’ve got to seek wisdom as book of wisdom commands us in Proverb 2:4. Remember I said from the “right” people. You need somebody with a sound mind, a positive mentality and experience to get counsel from. No matter what anyone says to you the final decision is your in the making; is your life to live and you should live it well.

5. Understand the principle of give and take. One day I was reading the scripture and came across the word of God in Mathew 5:13 which say, “You are the salt of the earth. Salt does not exist for its own pleasure, it must be poured into something bigger than itself; only then does it fulfill its purpose”. The principle off give and take commands that you give out in other to receive. You need to understand that you must offer something to people in other to receive back from the people. A musician blessed with a melodious voice have to give it out to people may be in the form of a stage performance for the people who in turn pays him his renders service. Understand that this principle is telling you giving out from your pool is a way to receive back.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The mind is wonderfully made by God to serve as a center of reasoning, deciding, believing and envisioning. It possesses an unlimited potential and remains the control center of your life. The mind is like a workshop where everyday thoughts of man can be put together and fashioned into something that is either productive or destructive. It reasons and creates information. It helps to give plan of actions and to visionize thought imagination. The mind is such a valuable asset given to every man and should not be wasted. It has the tendency to give you whatever you ask of life if you understand and use it properly.

Casey Treat wrote, “Getting control of my thoughts and building a spiritual mind. When I felt depressed rather than having a drink or smoking, I began to think on the destiny God planned for me. When I was angry and wanted to punch somebody, I began to think about the great love that motivated Jesus to give His life for me. When I worry about my bills, I began to think of the promises of God to meet my needs and prosper my life.

It is terrible to see that some people waste this great asset by allowing this beautiful garden to be covered by weeds and dirt instead of clearing it and beautifying it with positive thoughts. Casey is trying to tell us how he removes negative thoughts from his mind and replaces it with positive thoughts that enriches his mind and leads him to a life of fulfillment. Here we are talking about “taking off and putting on principle” which I will be elaborating more on my next article.

We have heard stories of people who come out of the deepest poverty level to achieve greatness in their lives. I have read a story of a man called Andrew Carnegie, an American industrialist, an owner of a steel company. He started his career as an ordinary laborer but today he is among the list of notable names in the world, because he knew and understands the potentials and the power the mind can offer, if tendered well.

The essence of this article is to inform and educate all my readers that you have a great asset which worth more than millions in the bank; your mind. Stop looking for millions to start with in fulfilling your purpose in life but, start from where you are and with what you have; I bet you the millions will follow you later. Learn to empower and enrich your mind with positive thinking. Where you set your mind controls where you go in life.


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