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Therefore, improving your self-esteem will help you to be more assertive. Similarly, the positive outcomes from taking the risk to act assertively will help to boost your belief in yourself and boost your self-esteem.

Overall, thinking positively about being assertive makes it easier to actually be assertive. We can increase our ability to communicate in an assertive manner by replacing our non-assertive messages (self-talk) with messages that support assertive behavior, such as:
• I have the right to be assertive
• I deserve to make choices that support me
• All my feelings are valid
• I have the right to say no
• I do no have to offer excuses for my choices or behaviors
• I have the right to ask to have my needs met

What are three positive beliefs that would support you being assertive? Look back at the three negative beliefs you listed above for ideas. Try changing them into positive statements.

It takes time and practice to change our communication style and become more assertive. By recognizing which of our old beliefs keep us non-assertive, challenging them and then replacing them with new beliefs that support us being assertive, we can increase the likelihood of us initiating and maintaining a new assertive and confident style of communication.


Authored by Barbara Small She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is also trained as a Life Coach.



There are many scenarios that could have encouraged someone to be non-assertive. Some of us were punished when we spoke out so we learned to be passive and quiet. Other people were given messages about expressing themselves, such as "children are to be seen and not heard" or "don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about." As a result they concluded that others did not want to hear what they had to say or how they felt. Still others were taught that it was conceited to put themselves first, so they learned to be people-pleasers.

On the other end of the continuum, people were taught that the only way to get their needs met or to get attention was to compete and be "better" than the other person. They learned how to be aggressive and to win.

It is important to identify what our blocks are to being assertive, so that in addition to learning practical skills on how to communicate assertively, we can also work at clearing away any obstacles to initiating and maintaining these new behaviors.

Take a moment to reflect. How did you personally learn to be non-assertive? What were some of your life experiences which emphasized your passivity, aggression or other non-assertive behavior?

Do any of these beliefs about communicating assertively sound familiar?
• It's selfish
• Others will think I am arrogant and conceited
• I will hurt the other person's feelings
• The other person will get angry
• I need to appear stronger than them
• Other's needs come first
• It's rude
• I will get in trouble

What are three negative beliefs you personally have about being assertive and that keep you non-assertive?

One very common belief that is an obstacle to behaving assertively is that others will think that we are being selfish. Taking care of our own needs and expressing ourselves does not mean that we are being selfish. For many people the word "selfish" has a very negative connotation. I like to say we are being "self-full". Our needs and other people's needs do not have to be mutually exclusive. Just because we make choices for ourselves does not mean that we will always choose to ignore others and not do anything for them. But when we do consider others, we will do it from a place of choice rather than a place of "have to" or fear.

Also, when we make choices for others we may be taking away the opportunity for them to make choices for themselves. So instead of thinking of being assertive as being selfish, think of it as respecting our rights and the rights of others to make personal choices for ourselves.

Others may be surprised and comment negatively on our assertiveness, but that does not mean we acted inappropriately. Sometimes people don't like other people who are assertive. They may think an assertive person is "full of themselves" and doesn't care about other people. This can often be because the recipient of the assertive behavior is not getting what they want. They can't manipulate the other person. The assertive person is standing up to them and that doesn't work for them.

How someone responds to our assertiveness is his or her choice. We are not responsible for someone else's feelings, actions or decisions.

If they do not like your behavior it is up to them to be assertive with us as well and let us know. Or they need to find some other way to get their needs met. Assertiveness allows flexibility and space for negotiation.

Self-esteem and assertiveness are directly related. If we don't feel good about ourselves and believe in ourselves, we are more likely to look externally for answers and motivation. If we don't trust ourselves, we are less likely to be assertive and express our feelings, needs and wants. We are more likely to try to manipulate and control the situation so that the outcome is predictable and something we can cope with. We are less likely to take risks where we don't know the outcome, because we won't trust that we can handle it.


Authored by Barbara Small She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is also trained as a Life Coach.


Have you always wanted to become more assertive - to speak up for yourself, express your feelings freely, say no when you want to and stop being a people-pleaser? If so, what has prevented you from doing so?

One obstacle many people have to behaving assertively is their beliefs about the acceptable ways to interact with other people. These thoughts become habitual and are strengthened by repeated patterns of thinking and the impact of past experiences. We tend to assume these beliefs are accurate, seldom stopping to question their validity.

When you develop positive beliefs about being assertive, you are more likely to engage in assertive behavior and to continue acting assertively in the face of criticism and resistance from others. You are less likely to feel guilty after you have expressed your feelings and opinions or asked for your needs to be met.

Assertive communication is direct (clear, concise and to the point), while the others are indirect (hinting, mixed messages and avoiding the point). Assertive behavior helps communication, while aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive behavior hinders it.

Being assertive means expressing ourselves without hinting, playing games, blaming, or hoping the other person reads our mind. We ask for what we want. We state it clearly and concisely. We say it in a respectful way. We know we can deal with the consequences of our statements, whatever they may turn out to be.

We learn our style of communication from the people around us and how they interact with each other. If a passive parent or an aggressive parent raised us, those are the styles that are most familiar to us and that we are most likely to duplicate. So, just as we learned how to be aggressive, passive or passive-aggressive in the past, we can learn to communicate assertively now.


Authored by Barbara Small She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is also trained as a Life Coach.


Have you ever faced a big decision and felt paralyzed with fear and torn about what to do? I have worked with many clients who have been faced with wonderful new opportunities and yet they felt overwhelmed by the task of determining how to make the best decision.

Big decisions are challenging when there are many factors to consider and when all the choices have positive potential. When faced with a big complex decision, it is important to break your decision making process into manageable steps and to use all of the tools that you have available.

The 4 Steps that will Guide You to Make the Right Decision

Step 1: Goal Setting Quadrant

Each quadrant of the Body Light Wellness Wheel has strategies to guide you and decision making tools to assist you. Depending on the complexity of your decision, you may need to complete one or two quadrants or all four quadrants. From the Goal Quadrant we learn about the power of writing things down. Consciously, you have the power of your mind to use logic and to analyze your options.

Review Your Goals
First, review the goals that you have written down in the past and determine which choice brings you closer to your goals. This step alone may be the key to helping you make the correct decision.

Create a Pros and Cons List
If reviewing your goals did not give you a sense of clarity about your decision, take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top in the first column, write "Pros" and in the second column write "Cons". List out all of the Pros and Cons you can think of. Add up the number of Pros and the number of Cons. You may have 5 Pros and 3 Cons. Become aware of how the numbers of each of these columns makes you feel. If you feel relief at seeing the 5 Pros, you may have found the answer you were looking for.

Determine the Weighting Score of Your Pros and Cons List
If you feel no relief when seeing that the Pros list is larger than the Cons list and are still feeling uneasy, it is time to put a Weighting on each item on the lists. This weighting is either: 1, 2 or 3.

For the Pros, give a weighting of: For the Cons, give a weighting of:
1 -- If it is a Good Pro 1 -- If it is a Small Bad Con
2 -- If it is a Great Pro 2 -- If it is a Medium Bad Con
3 -- If it is an Amazing Pro 3 -- If it is a Big Bad Con

After you have weighted each item and add them up, you may discover that all of your 5 Pros have a weighting of 1, which adds up to 5. The list of the 3 Cons may show that they are all weighted at 3 and showing a total of 9. This may confirm what you knew to be true -- that even through there seem to be many Pros and there are only 3 Cons, the weighting of the Cons outweighs the benefits of the Pros.

Work with a Coach
One of the most powerful ways to accomplish your goals is to work with a trusted Personal Goals Coach, who keeps you accountable to attaining your dreams. Working with a Coach can allow you to face the decision making process more objectively, help you form the list of Pro's and Con's, and help you assess and review the weighting of the items.

A Coach also listens and can reflect back to you what they are hearing from you. A Coach acts as a mirror to help you gain clarity of your thoughts and hopes and fears. Although some people might be tempted to simply work with a friend or a family member for this step, there are dangers to be aware of. Well meaning friends can be jealous about your opportunities (even if it is unconscious) and caring family members can be fearful of change and you leaving them (even if it is unconscious) and these can play havoc in the reflecting back process. For important decisions, it is good to work with a trusted Coach who can be objective and help you in the process of uncovering the best decision for you.

Step 2: Self Discovery Quadrant

Dream Wisdom
From the Self Discovery Quadrant we learn about the power of analyzing the messages in our dreams. Perhaps you have heard the expression that "All the answers are inside of you" and yet you wonder where they might all be hiding. Your unconscious has wonderful wisdom that it tries to share with you nightly.

In the Dream Course we learn how to tap into that wisdom. When faced with a big decision, before you go to bed write your question in your journal and as you fall asleep keep repeating this question to yourself. In the morning, write your dreams down and look for potential answers that you have received.

Taking the Dream Course and working with a Dream Circle can really help you crack your own dream code so that the answers can benefit your decision making process.

Step 3: Healing

From the Healing Quadrant we learn about the power of healing. When navigating the muddy waters of the decision making process, it can be a very stressful time going through the process. Stress can add unwanted adrenaline to your body and confusion to your thought process. It is important to continue to give yourself good self care.

An excellent way to reduce stress is to have a massage. For those who have experienced the gentle approach of an Energy Treatment, they know that often when the body and mind are relaxed, insights are able to easily bubble up. These insights can come from both the client and the practitioner during the treatment. Discovering your answer to your big decision is very healing.

Step 4: Yoga

From the Yoga Quadrant we learn about the power of exercise. Going for a long run, walk or rollerblade, playing an intense game of squash or tennis, doing an invigorating yoga class, are all great ways to clear your mind.

By engaging in exercise, you reduce the stress in your body and increase your endorphins. During your workout, focus on the task at hand and let go of the angst around your decision making process. At the end of your workout, your mind will feel clearer and you may also receive an insight about your decision.

About the Author:
Janet Williams, the SelfGrowth.com Official Guide to Yoga, is a Certified Primary-Junior Teacher and Yoga Instructor. Her diverse experiences have provided her with insights designed to teach and assist others in their exciting journey of self-discovery. Janet is the owner of Body Light™, which focuses on physical and mental wellness.

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Have you ever been really frustrated with yourself for not following through on a task or activity that you know would have given you great rewards?

Take the guy who says he wants to move his business up to the next level. He may have all kinds of ideas and visions for where he'd like the business to go; he might even write down a few lofty goals and do some research on the kind of resources he might need. BUT, if his unconscious mind, for whatever reason, is not ready to play ball, he will inevitably seek out and find all the excuses as to why progress cannot be made right now: It's not the right time; the market is not there; he's too busy; he's too tired; there's no support; his wife wouldn't like it... And the sad thing is that probably the only place where any of these excuses are actually true is in the story he's making up in his head.

He will only be able to stop obstructing himself when he is willing to admit that he is holding onto an unconscious commitment to keep his business exactly where it is right now.

Initially it can be a very uncomfortable thing to acknowledge that you may be unconsciously committed to avoiding the very thing you say you want. Some people start out by strenuously resisting this notion. The purpose of taking a radically honest stance is not to beat yourself up about not doing the best you can, but it's to uncover the mental blocks that are getting in the way of your success.

The really cute thing about the unconscious mind is that, despite its infinite wisdom, it really isn't very good at distinguishing between a real threat to our physical being and an imagined threat to our imagined being, or self-image -- otherwise known as the ego

Your subconscious is an extremely powerful force in your life and drives the majority of your behavior. But it craves familiarity! It likes your self image just the way it is and, left to its own devices, will organize your thoughts and actions to keep it that way. If you want to move past this you have to become aware of what's really going on inside and consciously decide to override this well intentioned protection system with deliberate thoughts and actions that are congruent with your desired outcome.


Anyone can overcome their unconscious commitments and unblock the flow of success in their life, but it takes two things: Radical self-honesty that the only obstacle you are facing is yourself, and a genuine willingness to be consciously committed to turning the situation around.

I encourage you to think about your own life and the areas where you may have unconscious commitments that stop you achieving the results you want. Here are some steps to overcome them (it's important that you let go of any self-judgment as you do this).

Identify the non-desirable recurring issues in your life. What do you find yourself consistently complaining about, either verbally to others or silently to yourself? Have you been blaming something or someone for holding you back
Create a conscious commitment to override the unconscious one

* I am committed to taking the best care of myself
* I am committed to making health and happiness the most important part of my life
* I am committed to finding creative ways to exercise even when I'm busy
* I am committed to being 100% responsible for myself

Repeat the new commFont sizeitment out loud over and over until it feels natural and a part of you. Do things to remind yourself of it, like putting post-its around your desk, your home or in your car.

When you catch yourself revisiting that old unconscious commitment, which you inevitably will from time to time, just bring yourself gently back by affirming your new commitment until you feel it in your body.

About the Author:

Paul Dalton is a Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach / Trainer with bags of experience in helping people change their lives for the better, combining skills from: hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, leadership effectiveness, metaphysics, motivation techniques, and more.

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This post is a guide to all the job seekers out there on how to use the internet to get that job they have seeked for years. If you are not among the list of job seekers, you may have a friend or relation in that situation and you can help him or her out with the information you gather here.

The first thing you need to do is to list your abilities/skills. That is, the kinds of job you can really handle and then get down to search online. Also make use of local classified adverts.

Search for websites of local companies in your area for job adverts. This is because most companies are dropping the old way of advertising job on newspapers (for cost effectiveness) to making use of their websites to place job advert.

You got to network yourself very well. You have skills and you need a job, then go ahead to reach as many people as you can and inform them about it. The more connections you make the better for you and endeavor to drop your contacts with them. I have read a post on a forum, nairaland.com precisely about a guy who posted earlier on the forum about his interest in having a job and got his job contact from a fellow forumite and was hired to work in a local company.

Apply as many job as possible. You know there is this negative feeling that occurs when one applies like 5, 6, 7 jobs and no good result. You don't have to give up and better still, don't count how many jobs you have applied earlier but look forward to more opportunities to apply for more.

........to your success!!!

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1. What is the real desire of your hearth? This is what your heart sincerely yearns for and not what somebody somewhere wants you to do neither is it the fleeting fantasies occupying your mind.

2. What do you think that really moves you passionately; something you enjoy doing and do with so much zeal? When you are into something that you enjoy doing, you feel energized and that shows you are on the right track. In my famous e-book, “profit boosting guide on stocks, I told a true life story about a man who lost his job but later built found success as a laundry man. This is because e enjoys washing and ironing clothes. Your heart feels at peace when you are on the right path of your destiny.

3. What are your gifts and talents? This is why it is encouraged for schools to include curriculum activities in their school programme as this helps in identification of varying talents possessed by their students. You will never know that you are creative until you engage yourself in creative activities. Same goes to a talented novelist, you can never know till the day you start writing. Allowing yourself to test different activities and programme that catches your interest helps to identify the special talents God has deposited in you.

4. Seek counsel from the right people. That road you want to follow, there are people who have been there before you. If you aspire to be a medical doctor, there are many medical doctors in the society who you can reach out to. You don’t know it all so you’ve got to seek wisdom as book of wisdom commands us in Proverb 2:4. Remember I said from the “right” people. You need somebody with a sound mind, a positive mentality and experience to get counsel from. No matter what anyone says to you the final decision is your in the making; is your life to live and you should live it well.

5. Understand the principle of give and take. One day I was reading the scripture and came across the word of God in Mathew 5:13 which say, “You are the salt of the earth. Salt does not exist for its own pleasure, it must be poured into something bigger than itself; only then does it fulfill its purpose”. The principle off give and take commands that you give out in other to receive. You need to understand that you must offer something to people in other to receive back from the people. A musician blessed with a melodious voice have to give it out to people may be in the form of a stage performance for the people who in turn pays him his renders service. Understand that this principle is telling you giving out from your pool is a way to receive back.

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The mind is wonderfully made by God to serve as a center of reasoning, deciding, believing and envisioning. It possesses an unlimited potential and remains the control center of your life. The mind is like a workshop where everyday thoughts of man can be put together and fashioned into something that is either productive or destructive. It reasons and creates information. It helps to give plan of actions and to visionize thought imagination. The mind is such a valuable asset given to every man and should not be wasted. It has the tendency to give you whatever you ask of life if you understand and use it properly.

Casey Treat wrote, “Getting control of my thoughts and building a spiritual mind. When I felt depressed rather than having a drink or smoking, I began to think on the destiny God planned for me. When I was angry and wanted to punch somebody, I began to think about the great love that motivated Jesus to give His life for me. When I worry about my bills, I began to think of the promises of God to meet my needs and prosper my life.

It is terrible to see that some people waste this great asset by allowing this beautiful garden to be covered by weeds and dirt instead of clearing it and beautifying it with positive thoughts. Casey is trying to tell us how he removes negative thoughts from his mind and replaces it with positive thoughts that enriches his mind and leads him to a life of fulfillment. Here we are talking about “taking off and putting on principle” which I will be elaborating more on my next article.

We have heard stories of people who come out of the deepest poverty level to achieve greatness in their lives. I have read a story of a man called Andrew Carnegie, an American industrialist, an owner of a steel company. He started his career as an ordinary laborer but today he is among the list of notable names in the world, because he knew and understands the potentials and the power the mind can offer, if tendered well.

The essence of this article is to inform and educate all my readers that you have a great asset which worth more than millions in the bank; your mind. Stop looking for millions to start with in fulfilling your purpose in life but, start from where you are and with what you have; I bet you the millions will follow you later. Learn to empower and enrich your mind with positive thinking. Where you set your mind controls where you go in life.


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It is very important for every one to practice debt management as this will help keep you away from debt problems and burdens. Managing debt finance can be a frustrating battle. Most people fall into debt due to financial problems where they simply can not afford to pay for their debt. These debt problems quickly snowball and can be quite messy to clean up. Debt finance is all about trying to dig out of the mess and repairing the damaged credit.

Nobody wants to be in debt, but the majority of people are. In some cases the debt is not a problem. For example, most people are in debt if they are a home owner. This type of long term debt is usually quite easy to handle. However, many times people are in debt due to various other types of debt which is not good.

Getting into debt can have a life altering affect on not only the person in debt, but for those around him also. A lot of people will owe money to someone at least once throughout their lives through credit card companies, store credit or loans. Many people never have any problems repaying this money, but many more people will get into trouble. They may not even be at fault, but will have to struggle with the downward spiraling affects of being in debt. For many this struggle never ends, having daily problems with collection letters, bill juggling and threats of being taken to court and they feel they will never be able to get on top of this problem. It is a very difficult process to catch up once bills have fallen behind and can only be accomplished following certain steps to get out of the prison of debt. There are many choices available in the area of debt management and many specialists are out there to help.

Credit cards are a big factor in debt problems. The reason is that they are so easy to use carelessly. Additionally, with such high fees and interest rates they are nearly impossible to pay down. People get easily trapped in credit card debt.

Debt management is taking control of debt and not letting it have the control. Effective debt management is having a debt management plan.

Ideally, debt management should start before debt is incurred. Most people, though, hardly think about debt until it becomes a problem. This is why so many people struggle with debt problems.

No matter where a person starts with their debt management the first thing to do is to make a monthly budget. The budget should include income, expenses and all debt. The key here is to make the monthly amount of income more than the monthly expenses.

If a person is current with all their debt and nothing is in collections or past due they can simply make their budget, adjust it as needed to lower expenses and continue making their timely debt payments. They should also practice monthly monitoring to ensure they do not end up with any problems.

If a person is not current and is having debt problems then they need to seek a solution. That is the only way to ensure that debt problems do not start to adversely affect credit. Also it can prevent legal problems or worse further financial problems.

Solutions to debt problems can be simply working debt payments into the budget or getting a consolidation loan. Either method will help to ensure the debt is getting paid and is not going to become a credit problem.

Managing debt is making sure that you do not get too much debt, while also making sure to continue to keep debts in good standing. It is essential to immediate address any problems or else they can cause serious credit damage.

The only way to avoid future cases of debt is to stop spending on unnecessary things. After all of your hard work getting out of debt, it would seem a ridiculous notion to put yourself back in the same position by continuing to charge up your credit cards or juggle monthly bills just to survive. Learn to notice and then change your spending and shopping habits. Stop falling for impulse buys. Spend less than you earn and bank the extra into a high-interest savings account. Debt does not generate itself. Control your spending now for a debt-free, financially secure future.

Debt finance management is all about responsibility. When a person is responsible for their debts they are able to make sure they are paid according to the agreement and that they do not fall behind. They understand that should a problem arise they need to handle it and take responsibility for it. Debt finance management is something where a person must be active and maintain control or it can easily become a problem.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


While there is much expert advice in the news over the last few months about the best ways to get out of debt, essentially every individual’s debt situation is personal. What works for one family many not work for all but there are some common denominators those people who have found debt freedom have used to get debt free and pay off all balances hanging over their heads. These common threads are generally basic financial methods everyone can incorporate into the debt-free goals in some way.


In order to get totally out of debt, you need to know what you're up against. Gather the most recent statement of every single debt you have and then put them in order from the smallest balance to the largest.

Then make a list of all your debts. You need to include the name of the creditor, the amount owed, the interest rate, and the minimum payment. Start with the smallest balance creditor at the top of the list and work down to the largest balance.

You can do this with pen and paper or you can put the information into a spreadsheet on your computer. It's easier if you use the spreadsheet method since you might need to move things around a bit, but do what is most comfortable for you.

There are too many people who claim to have no money or the ability to get out from under personal debt. Many of those people have one thing in common – and no it is not a lack of money. It’s organization. There are many people who simply have no clue how much money they actually owe or to whom they owe that money. You can’t expect to get rid of your debt if you have no idea how much debt you have. Your first step should be to sit down with all your bills and list on a piece of paper where you stand with each account. Once the list is complete, go back to it ad start prioritizing what you need to pay first, such as mortgage, food, and other non-luxury expenses.


The first thing that you need to do to come up with a sound debt management plan is to conduct an evaluation of your present financial situation. Come up with a financial statement outlining your monthly income and your monthly expenses. If you do not have any accounting knowledge, don’t fret. You don’t have to come up with a complicated financial statement. You can just write all your income in one column and then all your expense in another column. The purpose of coming up with the financial statement is really to find out how much money you have left to pay for your debts.

Once you know how much money you have available to pay for your debts, compare your available funds with the amount of debts that you need to pay monthly. If the amount of your debts is considerably higher than the amount of money you have available for debt repayments, you need to come up with a plan as to how to you will be able to pay for your debts and still be able to keep a roof over your head. The key here is to balance your income with your current expenses.


The second most important thing to do is to acquire a second source of income. Even though this might be very time-consuming, and will probably monopolize some family time, it does help a lot. A second job, or a supplemental income will actually increase your savings, that should put you and your family in a better situation. Just in case you think your budget needs more money, then earning extra money is probably the best alternative, instead of going into debt.


Professional debt help is available to you today so you can get your finances under control. If you're like most people you do not want to deal with your creditors so finding a person that can help you is very important. There are many solutions that can help you eliminate your debt and this will make it easier for you to start over financially. Do not feel like you were alone because there are many people in this country that are suffering from too much credit card debt. It is important for you to take action now and get help from an expert who knows how to talk to creditors.

Lots of people ignore their credit card debt and this is mainly because they do not know that help is available for them. Using a debt professional can be the best way for you to get a new financial beginning. you need to search online and find a website that will allow you to obtain a debt expert that can help you financially. Once you have somebody that is working for you in no time at all you will be able to get your credit card debt under control. There are many options available to reduce the amount of credit card debt that you owe.


This may be a good choice for you if your debts include a high interest rate. Using a consolidation loan can decrease your interest rate and allow you to pay over a longer period of time. One benefit of this type of situation is that you only have one bill to pay each month and, when that has been paid, you will no longer be a slave to your debt.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Living on the edge and on borrowed money has become the modern trend for the youth of today and often they do not realize the pitfalls unless and until it is too late. The credit card companies are making a killing as more and more individuals fall prey to the temptation of buying on credit and the ‘buy now pay later’ schemes. As these schemes have the provision of paying a minimum amount each month or that of monthly installments, we often think that it will be easier on our pockets. However, a sudden change for the worse in our financial circumstances can create a big obstacle in repayment of the credit while the interest and penalty for non-payment keeps piling up. Soon the debts become a huge burden and people incur further debts to repay existing loans. The vicious circle of multiple debts can become too much to handle and the individual is in deep financial trouble. An achiever don't need this if you know what i mean

Having a bad credit is definitely one of the major problems in getting a loan from any financial institution or any bank. Even though the financial industry has managed to get a boom and has risen to great extents, things like having a bad credit definitely acts as a major hindrance for anyone who wants a loan. Therefore, it definitely becomes very important for a person to have a good credit rating to get a loan. However, these days, credit rating no longer seems to be a problem because many lenders and financial institutions have come up with financial schemes that are offered to the people, who have a bad credit rating. With the help of bad credit cash advance loans, now any person who suffers from a bad credit or an adverse credit rating can fulfill his or her financial requirements and can met all financial emergencies.

As the name suggests, bad credit cash advance loans are basically the ones that are given to the borrower for a short term. This could be more specifically said as been given for the time in between two consecutive paydays of the borrower. Many a times, people face this problem of being short of cash before their next payday or in other words, before the next salary date. Therefore, this definitely becomes a problem and therefore, they try to find out some way of being able to fight this problem. However, taking financial help from some other person is definitely that no one would want to do. Therefore, in such situations, taking the help of bad credit cash advance loans can definitely prove to be a good thing because the person can meet all his or her financial problems.

Getting bad credit cash advance loans is an easy thing. There are many financial institutions, banks and even lenders who provide these loans to the people, who have a problem of shortage of cash in between their two consecutive paydays. All you would need to do is to look out for a provider, who can provide you with these loans and then you would simply need to fill in their online form. Once you fill in their online form, they would get back to you and guide you with the entire procedure. Being a short term loan, these loans have a high rate of interest and the repayment time is until your next payday. The basic criterions for getting these loans are that the borrower needs to have a regular monthly income and should have a savings or a current account with a bank.

Bad credit cash advance loans are easily available and people with bad credit history can get this. However, you should definitely conduct a market research before you take up the loan from any particular bank or a financial institution because this would help you to understand the rate of interest that is applicable on this loan and then you would get the best deal. Therefore, worry no more and take the help of this loan product.


Working from home is a very nice way to earn the extra income, and gives the benefit to the person working. You can start a home-based business if you have some extra time in hand. Especially for housewives; it's really a trend now to do business from home. When kids come back from school and all your household chores get finished you are free. Then why not think of earning some extra money? Time management is the key to success for your online business.

Obviously everybody wants to work with full comfort and luxury. Consequently, Home Based Business is the best option. Let us discuss first what exactly this business is? It's actually any paid job that you can do on Internet, such as selling a product or any service other services. You have to attract customers to your website so that they can buy your product or services.

There are so many companies online that offer to join them and do business with their support. These companies help you in each and every activity related to your business. Whether it is marketing, getting traffic on to your website, payment collection, or something else.

On Internet, many options are available for business. Like Affiliate Programs, in which you can become an Affiliate of a company or website. You have to sell their product and earn commission. The more you promote the product the more you increase sales, and become a successful affiliate.

Another option is to work as a freelancer. You can join any site that gives you projects and you can do these projects within time limit and get paid. You can write articles, blogs, data entry, etc...

One more option is to sell your own product. Many companies provide the option of listing your product in many directories, and when a customer wants to purchase they can directly go to your website by finding the product from the directory.

All these methods of doing online business seem very easy and lucrative, but in reality, it's a bit confusing. Don't take me wrong. I am saying this because of my experience. I had also faced many hardships initially. In first stages it was difficult because we were not able to find the right business for the right company. But a little research on this topic can be very helpful. If you can do deep findings about the business then go for it as its very beneficial. Maybe you can find what nobody found till now.

In future, many problems can come in your way while doing business. But if you are fully ware of the policies and regulations of the company then you will be the lucky enough to solve the problems. If you can find a reliable company then trust me, your business would flourish.


The best home based online business ideas will always have one of the following attributes:

• Entertainment
• Problem solving
• Money making
• Saving money
• Free stuff

No matter how tight things get financially, people will always spend money to be entertained. In fact, when times are hard people will be more strongly drawn to entertainment as a way to forget their troubles for a while. So with the economy on the skids something that is within the entertainment field will be a strong home based online business idea.

People are online looking for answers to problems they are having. If you know how to fix something that a lot of folks are looking for the solution to then you might be able to really cash in big. What do you know that is original and can provide people with the repair or relief they seek?

With the dismal job market there are millions of people trying to find a way to make money online.
You can make money in a lot of different ways on the Internet. It is truly possible and attainable to work at home and make a decent living or even six figures a year over time. Some of the best home based online business ideas will be those that involve making money.

Everyone is always looking for a way to save money on every facet of their lives. Do you have an original way of saving money? If so then this too could make a great home based business that you can set up to run 24/7 on the Internet.

Last, but not least and completely bizarre is the fact that you can make money giving stuff away. Humans just cannot resist getting something for nothing. If it is cool and costs nothing then the world will flock to your web pages.


Everyone is looking for a way to create a cash flow without expending a great deal of effort. That is what passive income is. There are actually several ways you can earn passive income from home. The Internet offers an easier way to make this happen than money making opportunities that exist off line. It isn't necessary to work 60 hours a week to add extra income to your financial picture if you have a source of passive income.

Passive income is a cash stream that comes in without you being directly involved in the process. To make a great deal of money online most people rely on multiple businesses. There is no way that you will have enough hours in a week to be actively involved in every one of them. This is where methods that allow you to earn passive income from home gains even greater importance.

It's a little bit like a magic money line because all you have to do is start it up and cash appears. Just like anything else one can get into to make money you will have to put forth some effort to get the ball rolling. These are the different methods used to earn passive income from home:

1. Residual Income: This comes from things like memberships that are renewed monthly or annually by people who joined through a connection to you. It can also be found in reorders of products with some online merchants.

2. Leveraged Income: An example of this type of passive income would be that you write an ebook and enlist a bunch of affiliate marketers to sell it for you. Or you could start a business and franchise it to other new entrepreneurs.

3. Active Leveraged Income: Now this method does require you to be actively involved. If you are promoting something like a musical event or a conference that will make more money for every person who attends. It could be something like a live streaming concert that everyone who receives the password to attend online pays $20 for the privilege.

The possibilities for you to earn passive income from home online are huge. The above examples are only the tip of the iceberg and you would do well to research this topic in depth. From there you'll find so many ideas about how you to can open up a cash flow without working hard.


BE SERIOUS: If you want to know one of the secrets to home business success, here's one of them: get serious. I mean it. Sure, there are some people who live a jovial, care-free life and are successful. But generally, the people who bring in the dough are the ones who are serious about what they are doing.

SET YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: One of the first things you will want to do is to create a strategy or a business plan. If you work without one, trust me, you'll be lucky if you ever make any money online. As the saying goes, a fool and his money are fortunate to be together. So start planning. Don't blindly believe in your plan. Research others on the web who have undertaken similar business models and see if they have survived. Study your competitors in depth to learn what is working for them and what did not work for them. To better understand what has or has not worked for competitor websites, check out their time lapsed progressions using the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org.Once you have determined your money plan, then you should undertake the development of a business plan and a marketing plan. Utilize professional assistance if you need to do so.

DO YOUR RESEARCH: The big question is how to find a reliable company? It's really one of the most difficult issues. There are so many related companies available these days that it has become a quite complex task to find the appropriate one. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to choose that you feel like giving it up. So if you have the capability to cope with this situation, you'd certainly succeed.

No need to panic. With little efforts you can make your search easy. First of all, it is really necessary to know everything about the company and their website. You have to understand the difference between the real and fake ones. All this takes time but it needs a lot of patience. Don't be impulsive and quick in your decision. It can lead you in trouble. I am saying all this because I had also experienced the same situation. Now I don't want anybody to get stuck like this. Always check and test the company before joining it.

In any offline business, we first check all the benefits we can get from it. You are not supposed to get along with the business until you are fully aware of its cons and pros.

SOME BUSINESS YOU CAN GET INTO: What business should you get in? Seriously, almost all of them work. Selling on eBay works. Selling information products works. Freelancing works. You've just got to focus on one business model in the beginning, and make it profitable first.

These are few pros and cons of working from home. If you decided that the idea of working from home is for you, here are 3 popular methods you can start with.

  • Freelancing - If you have any skills that you pick up from your job, you can utilize that and freelance on home. Most of the freelancing jobs available online are administrative jobs.

  • Blogging for money - If you think you have the skills and charm, you can definitely try to blog for money. This is a popular work from home idea and also great for some side income. You can check out my articles here on how to blog for money.

  • Affiliate marketing - Start your own affiliate marketing business. Promote someone else's product and get paid a commission for every sales you refer them. A highly recommended work from home idea for aspiring entrepreneurs.

BUILD AN OPT-IN LIST: If all else fails, remember this: build a list. Yes, you have probably read and heard a thousand times over that money is to be had when you have an opt-in list. You may or may not have done anything about it. But if you still don't know where to begin, then you can do a lot worse than building your own list.

GIVE FREEBIES: Create a free email newsletter or create a free PDF report. It's not difficult. The information is out there all over the Internet. Get an autoresponder account. Create a simple squeeze page. Drive traffic to that squeeze page and start getting some subscribers into your autoresponder account. Then promote back-end offers such as affiliate products to them.

This is the simple formula for making money from your home business. Stop thinking, and start doing!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thought is a form of energy that is distributed around the brain which possesses intelligence. A brain is like a rich garden spot in that it will voluntary grow a fine crop of weeds if it is not organized and kept busy growing a more desirable crop. The unwanted weeds are represented by the stray thoughts that take possession of the unorganized, idle mind, as the result of one's daily environment.

People think differently. There can be two types of thinking namely intense thinking and distracting thinking. Intense thinking is the type of thinking that can affect you when you go to sleep, which can even cause anxiety at night. Distracting thinking is the type of thinking where your mind gets easily distracted. That is lacking focus.

Before we go into learning how to get rid of those unwanted weeds in other to produce a productive thoughts, we have to look at the benefits of an organized thinking.
  • Organized thinking enables you to become the master of your own mind. You achieve this by learning to control your emotions as to not to let any unwanted person penetrate into your mind to read your thoughts.
  • It will to force you to work with a defined goal or objective.
  • It helps to develop the habit of working with a defined plan.
  • It helps you to develop self-reliance.
  • It enables you to stimulate the subconscious mind positively to greater actions, in attainment of a defined objective. Gives you the control to cut negative thoughts that can be destructive.
  • It helps you to develop the habit of making accurate analysis through which you can discover solutions to your problems rather than worrying over problems. Finding the solutions gives you peace of mind.
  • It helps in developing a productive mind rather than an idle mind which spells problem.
  • Organized thought gives you an organized life.


IT IS IN YOUR POWER TO ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS: in order to become an accurate thinker, you need to understand that it is in your power to organize your thoughts. The power with which we "think" is mental dynamite that can be organized and used properly to attain a definite end.

SET YOUR THINKING PURPOSE: get paper and pen and write down that issue you want to think about. This is the purpose of your thought or definite motive. This is the center and the main subject matter of your thought.

FOCUS: putting your mind to concentrate on the subject matter without allowing distractions to put you off your purpose. Try staying alone in a quiet cool place as this will help minimize distractions.

GET FACTS TO FACILITATE YOUR THOUGHTS: you need to make use of reliable information, facts that are related to the definite purpose as this will help to make your thinking more accurate. Don't base on guess-work or hopeful wishing.

TAKE NOTE OF ALL YOUR THOUGHTS: as you are focusing your mind on the main purpose, endeavour to write down any thoughts you generate around it. Write down in a simple and a clear language.

REVIEW YOUR THOUGHTS: you need to take some break and come back to review the listed thoughts you have on your list. Organize your thoughts by grouping them into likely thoughts and showing their realistic interconnections with each other. Do this with a flexible creative mind and remember to keep it simple.

FORM A DEFINITE THOUGHT HABITS: repeat the processes or steps above and make it part of your thinking habits. You gain control over your thoughts by forming a thought habits. When habits are formed they function automatically, without nay voluntary effort on the individual to enforce it. Through self discipline you may switch the action of your mind from the response to the casual influences around you, to the subject matter of your own choice.
Remember self-discipline and organized thinking are almost synonymous terms.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Before setting up your strategic plans, the first question is to ask, "what is your vision?". Visioning tells you what your preferred future is. A vision is an idea or a picture in your imagination about the future. Imagination is the workshop of man where in is fashioned the pattern of all his achievements. It can also be called the workshop of the soul wherein man's hope, dreams, desires are made ready for material expression.

Imagination is of two types: synthetic imagination and creative imagination. By synthetic we mean the act of combining already existing ideas, concepts, ideas, plans, facts and principles and transforming them into a new idea. Taking what is obtainable around you and re-packaging it into a new form. While a creative vision consists of a raw/new idea that were first conceived in your subconscious mind. The ability to perceive and interpret it makes your vision creative.

Your vision must be characterized by these key components:
  • Encompassed by your beliefs.
  • Be defined and practical.
  • A visible statement/declaration of your future outcome.
  • It must be in accordance with your organizational goal.
  • A guide to your plans and actions.
  • It must be inspiring.
Having a vision is very important in the life of any one who chooses to be an achiever in the sense that it provides you with consistence in your actions and helps to get you more focused. It shows the direction and promotes interest and commitment. It also gives an efficient and productive result by breaking you out of boundary thinking.
Above all it helps to make you an achiever.


  1. Create a vision because you really need it. You don't create a vision because you see other organizations having there visions but, do it because you really understand its usefulness and want to make good use of its advantage.
  2. Focusing your mind on the problem through concentration of interest and making it the major occupant of your mind from day to day until this auto-suggestion penetrate your subconscious mind and register a clear picture of your desire.
  3. Keep it simple. You don't have to fill pages of a book with your organizational vision but try and keep it simple for easy understanding and assimilation.
  4. Be persistence in your vision. Men with a keen sense of imagination will seldom quit trying until they find the answer to their problem even in the face of thousands of trials.
  5. You need to create a vision that is inspiring as this will help you to be consistence in pursuing it.
  6. Be open to dramatic modifications in the future if the need arises. Nothing is permanent, as we all know that life and events are dynamic so you need to be flexible in other to incorporate some changes later.
  7. Beware of vision killers. These killers can be your negative beliefs or traditions, short sightedness in thinking, fear of ridicule, weak leaders and being too satisfied with a situation even when is not working.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Faith is a powerful force that helps a man to see beyond his obstacles and challenges. The road to success is not filled with a bread and butter, we do see thorns that try to discourage us, but having faith turns you from a quitter to an achiever. Yes, faith gives you power to become an achiever because, it is the power that removes all limitations from the mind. If not for faith, there will be nothing like airplanes, people going to the moon and other powerful inventions.

The source of all faith is believing in our creator; the Almighty God who tells us that all things are possible to them that believe. He has given us the power to overcome all limitations, obstacles to be able to achieve our purpose in life.

Having faith can be likened to believing in you; in other words having a self confidence

  • You need to understand that self confidence is a state of the mind which is under the control of the individual. It is not an inborn trait possessed by some and lacking in others. You can develop your self confidence if you really want to.
  • Start by defining your purpose and drawing a clear cut actions to achieving it. You need to know what you really want and have plans to making it come true. With this, you will not have difficulties beleiving in yourself
  • Deal with the fear of failure by beleiving that failure has one peculiar benefit. Life has a way of developing strenght and wisdom in individuals through defeat and failures. Many great men of history failed one time or the other but they saw it as a learning step to a higher ground.
  • Acquire self confidence by conditioning your mind for unusual tasks. Faith can be developed through your actions or deeds.


Master mind is the alliance of two or more minds, working together in the spirit of perfect harmony, for the attainment of a defined goal. This means for us to achieve our purpose in life we need the help of likely mind people to gain from their physical and mental contribution in a spirit of harmony. President Obama did not gain his success through a single effort. He has a team of likely minds who contributed mentally, physically and financially in spirit of unionism to achieve this great name in the history of our time. Most successful business men of history were able to build big business empires because they formed a team of members of master mind alliance.

The members of your team may be your colleagues, friends, relatives, the people you never know and most of all it must be people who understand your goal and ready to rub minds together to see to the accomplishment of the major goal. A very important factor to consider while choosing a member of your master mind alliance is his/her mental attitude towards himself/herself and other members of the team. If he has a negative mental attitude which can make him to be selfish, envy, egoistical and provocative in his relationship with others he can destroy his usefulness as well as others.

To be able to achieve one's major goal, one need to relate with the members of his master mind alliance so that he will get the full benefit of their brains in a spirit of unionism. You need to induce the members of your mastermind alliance to get their full support by having and maintaining a harmonious relationship with them.


FINANCIAL GAIN: it is a well known that people are motivated to work in other to earn financial benefits. The dream to live in expensive houses, drive the latest cars, visit the most expensive tourist areas, fly around the world in private jets and so on is a drive that will make any rational man to work hard to achieve that dream . You can use this to motivate and induce your members to work together to attain your major goal by offering them a good financial benefit in accordance to their input.

EMOTION OF LOVE: there are two ways the emotion of love can be applied. The first is to know that most times peoples hard work is driven by the force of "love" they feel for their loved ones. Daddies and mummies work hard to give their children the best of life they can afford. Husbands wok hard to be recognized as the"man" by their sweethearts and also to give them the life they think befits them. Use this as an approach to gingering them to work by reminding them to make their loved ones proud. Secondly, you need to go informal; show some love and care to your team members as this will help them to see the bond holding you all together in the pursuit of a common goal.

SELF RECOGNITION: this is another approach to stimulate your members to focus on the major goal and put in their best. There are men who want recognition more than the financial gain.

SELF EXPRESSION: this is very important knowing that you informed this team for their contributions, you should try to give all the members eqaul platform and encourage them to freely express their views.

ACCEPTANCE: this is showing and treating each member of your master mind alliance as a family member. See yourself as one unit and always relate to that factor that binds you together as a team.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Welcome to the Home of achievers where you get the right knowledge to be an achiever in your own chosen field!!!

Ten Marketing Mindsets for Success! Having the right mindset for your marketing can mean the difference between amazingly impactful marketing and marketing that is blasé and falls flat with little to no results. These ten marketing mindsets will also help you stay the course and focus, expand past your comfort zone, and keep your energy up so you don't get down on yourself and get frustrated with your marketing before you've given it a chance.

  1. Give Yourself Time

    Most of my clients are their own worst boss! Their expectations are so high that they don't really give marketing efforts time to work before they start doubting, questioning and wanting to ditch the whole effort. Acknowledge that you are a lifestyle entrepreneur. This is a business owner who won't compromise on her lifestyle - she's not about to sacrifice her relationships, miss the big school play, go without a vacation or working out and taking care of herself. Given your commitment to your lifestyle, create marketing programs that support your lifestyle success. Just because someone else looks like they are moving fast doesn't mean you have to pile on a load of stress and sacrifice everything that's important to you. Build time (we're not talking perfection here) into your side.

  2. Commit to Frequency

    I heard this in the early days of my career in newspaper advertising back in the 80s and it's still true today. Actually it's probably more important today than ever. We are literally bombarded with over 68,000 messages a day. Your client has learned to put up a big filter and be selective about how much information she lets in. So, you have to be consistent in your efforts so that little by little she'll develop an awareness of who you are, develop a trust in you and your services, and be there when she is ready to buy. This is also about trusting your vision and making a commitment to keep showing up in real, vulnerable, confident ways with your marketing.

  3. Create a Support Team

    Doing it alone will have you burnt out and is a sure-fire way to zap your creativity. Create a plan for your ideal support team - both for your business and for your home life. You don't have to hire them all at once. Knowing that you have a plan for which people you want to add and when you want to add them can be liberating in itself. Then gradually hire people on a project basis or for a few hours. As you are ready to step into the next level of success for your business, you'll hire another person to help you expand your capacity. Growing with the evolution of your company allows you to keep focused on your "strengths-based" work - the juicy, creative part of your business that is directly related to growing the business. Let others (who are working with their strengths!) handle the rest.

  4. Look for and Create Systems

    This is a key area for a lot of growing business owners. To handle the growth look for anything and everything that you do over and over again. Make a system out of it. Design a template, checklist, procedure list so you aren't redoing it every time. I have to say, I equate "systems" with "freedom." Every 10 - 15 - 30 minutes count in my busy life. Learn how to use your online systems and programs to help support you not having to hold so much information in your head (i.e. birthdays, appointments, to-do's, ideas). As you build your support team co-create systems with them. My amazing assistant, Jan, helps me with my newsletter. Not only does she do all the behind the scenes management of it (shopping cart, template, editing, list management, etc.) but we've created a system to help me get it out on time. We have calendarized the newsletter so we know our publish dates, and then three days before it's due to her she sends me the template with as much information as possible already updated. I just have to write the welcome, provide the article, and product announcement. A system set up for my success! (Thanks Jan!)

  5. Let Out Your Personality

    Surprisingly - this is such a big area for creative entrepreneurs! You would think with all that creativity busting at the seams in your business that this would be easy. What I find is that a lot of creative entrepreneurs are so conscious of their creative side that when it comes to marketing they think they have to button it up and "be professional." Being professional can be a business-killer. I don't like to use that word much but I have to say - being professional and blending in - will get you just that - blending in and not standing out to your ideal client. For starters, just be a little more personal and creative in your marketing than you think you "should." You will be surprised at how you will connect with more people when you tell them about your cat, your vacation or your real -life stories of "annual summer schedule nervous breakdown" (oops - talking about me!).

  6. Claim Your Expert Status

    This is another big one for many women entrepreneurs. We have been raised with those stories: "Don't be too big for your britches," "Don't brag," and the biggie, "Just who do you think you are?" The thing is your clients WANT to know that you know what you are doing. The only way they'll know is if you tell them. You can tell them in many ways that are fun and creative: through stories of your clients and how you solved a problem or they achieved a success working with you, through photos of you in action, and especially in your newsletter or blog. This is where you can shine with each publication, giving them tips, resources and stories about what you know works.

  7. Take a Stand

    Don't be wishy-washy. You'll get lost in the sea of mediocrity. All those businesses you hear about failing each year - many of them were indistinguishable from each other. What are you passionate about? Let your clients and potential clients know. Sure it's a bit risky - they might not agree. The key here is to really know your client! Your ideal clients will feel closer to you and more attracted to you. They will keep coming back. Even dare to be controversial - not just to get attention but to really let your passion out. People love passionate and engaged people. They want to know how you are different from someone else. I do this every time I publish this Joyful Business newsletter. Many people like the idea of a "joyful" business but then they'll say, "Yeah, sure, but can you really enjoy your business?" As you know, I take a stand for including your passion, creativity and lifestyle in your business. Some people don't agree and they quickly go away. The ones who stay are true fans. They want to hear and know how they can keep this philosophy alive in their own businesses.

  8. Build Your Celebrity Mystique

    I recently bought an audio CD series from Rev. Michael Beckwith through Sounds True (an audio learning company). My coach was curious and asked me what their email said that prompted me to make the purchase. The truth of it was that I bought because he's built up his expert status and his celebrity mystique. I've heard him speak on The Secret DVD, Oprah and Larry King enough to know he drips soul when he speaks. So, I've been waiting for a product from him. Now, you might say that you haven't been on Oprah (yet). You can start today - right in your own life. Share pictures and stories of you and your coach, your mentors, your mastermind group - these show commitment and professionalism in your business. Get your picture taken when you go see famous speakers. Share pictures of you speaking, at special events, or charity fundraisers. All these situations are opportunities to share more about you to your readers, and they shape your personality and your values and make you real. Bottom-line is that people want to buy from successful people. Show them how you are a success!

  9. Keep Learning About Marketing

    You want to keep learning and growing in your marketing expertise. Marketing vehicles change, your ideal client evolves and so does your business. You want to always be filling up with how can you improve, tweak, change, make adjustments and try new things while keeping the successful marketing strategies fresh. Schedule learning from the experts (this is not to suggest you should follow every new marketing idea - manage your energy here!) and track what is working for you and what needs a fresh tweak. A great example of this is a sales page for a product. It might work at the beginning, but you'll eventually find that the conversion fizzles. Is it that you need a fresh message, updated testimonials, a stronger headline, installment payments, or is your current market saturated and it's time for new markets or to add to your list? This takes time. Put it in your calendar to visit your stats, get feedback and determine what needs to be changed. After all, marketing is a like a game, and to play the game you always have to be in movement trying something new, paying attention, stretching, being curious or systemizing what's working to free up energy.

  10. Get a Mentor

    Unless you want to spend energy, effort and lots of money recreating the path on your own - do yourself a favor and make a leap forward by learning from the best mentor you can afford. The key to having a successful relationship is to find a coach, consultant, or mentor who shares a similar philosophy and values as you do. For example, I am a heart-centered, bring your whole life to the table, creative attraction expert. If you are looking for a linear, push, push, rush, rush, dominant personality - I can refer to you some who will fit the bill. What I do is help creative entrepreneurs who are similar to me - they want creative expession, meaningful work, a lifestyle they love and financial success to support it all. I help them get down the path further and quicker with less stress and more ease. What type of mentor do you need at this point in your business cycle? Who do you see that you admire and want to be where they are? What I know is that when I've worked with mentors who push and are more domineering - I just don't flourish. When I work with someone who has a business that is where I want to go and approaches it with fierce love - I blossom. Who do you need for your next evolutionary leap? If heart centered marketing speaks to you and you're ready for a leap in your business, then stay tuned for our upcoming Platinum Mentor Program -Magic & Miracles in Marketing & Mindset.


Are you holding on to old obsolete ideas that keep you enslaved to working hard long hours to barely get by? Perhaps you are losing your market share to your competition that is developing smart eBusiness solutions and marketing through blogs, social networks, RSS feeds, SEO and PPC. Don't let fear hold you back. You can empower yourself with information and get help from an expert eBusiness consulting company. An appropriate web eBusiness strategy is your ticket to more choices, more money, greater fulfillment and less worry and stress. So let's get started ...

This article is an introduction for entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, speakers, authors and coaches who are ready to learn about effective eBusiness solutions, many of which can passively generate a 5-6 figure monthly income.

The type of eBusiness strategy that will work for you depends largely upon your goals and your type of business. Below is a description of eBusiness web site applications and their various uses that may include branding, lead generation, sales and viral marketing. Often, these can be combined in a single web eBusiness strategy.

  • eCommerce is the best choice for the sale of products and services for a fixed fee that are purchased through a shopping cart where purchases are made by credit card or eCheck. An affiliate program can easily be added to leverage sales.
  • A catalog web site is an alternative to eCommerce when the goal is to showcase products and provide the merchant with a request for quote. Like eCommerce, an effective catalog web site allows the visitor to register, login and access favorites they have saved. This is appropriate for custom orders or when it is desirable to work directly with the customer during order taking.
  • Content Management System (CMS) is an ideal choice for branding, establishing credibility, lead generation and viral sharing of information with your market.
  • Membership web sites are ideal for authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs. These sites allow you to enroll members who have access to information and numerous other functions that may include forums, surveys, contests, news and blogs. Membership web sites can offer free and paid membership programs with access based on level of membership. Affiliate programs are often added to exponentially grow membership and profits.
  • Directory web sites provide a specific target market with access to information about merchants or service providers of interest to them. This can be very specific like a directory of dentists or more general like health care providers. Directories can be targeted to local markets or like Online Yellow Pages, service a nationwide market of shoppers. Directories can be a type of membership site and are often free for visitors and derive revenue from members who pay to be listed as a form of advertising.
  • eLearning web sites provide schools, corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals, opportunities to provide online instruction to particular groups within their market. The instruction can integrate video, podcasts, webinars, forums, articles and opportunities to ask questions. Functions such as online testing, scoring and test results with immediate feedback can be integrated. The eLearning system can even generate proof of compliance with requirements such as continuing education credits for professionals. This type of web site can save a company considerable dollars when used for employee and leadership training. It can also produce substantial ongoing revenue when the user pays to access the instruction and testing.
  • Blogs not only allow you to establish yourself as an expert to your market, they are an excellent tool for interacting with and building a community, generating leads, branding your name and virally spreading your information to your market.
  • Landing pages are an ideal solution for selling one particular product or for lead generation with a specific purpose.
  • Squeeze pages focus on lead generation but allow visitors to access information whether or not they opt in to the subscriber list.

Profitable and Smart eBusiness Solutions are Automated Systems

Automation through custom database development and custom and pre-programmed applications allow for many functions to occur without manual effort. This means that a visitor can complete any number of actions, interact with content, produce one or more unique results, be subscribed to a list and receive follow up emails and autoresponders without any effort required on the part of the business owner. This occurs 24/7, producing leads, sales, affiliates and revenue with a minimum of human intervention. Obviously, the type of business and goals for ebusiness solutions determine whether or not a phone call or personalized email is required for follow up.

Viral Marketing and eBusiness Solutions

Effective eBusiness solutions integrate concepts of viral marketing so that sharing is easy, encouraged and rewarded. Blogs offer excellent opportunities to encourage sharing through social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. Options to email to a friend and subscribe to one or more RSS Feeds provide viewers with opportunities to share content with or without an incentive. Affiliate programs offer monetary rewards for sharing content with a market that produces sales or generates leads.

Winning Your Market through Multimedia eBusiness Solutions

Video and podcasts offer some of the best methods of effectively reaching and capturing a market. It is becoming easier and much less costly to produce quality multimedia content that can be distributed through RSS Feeds, blogs, social networks, web sites and email. Syndication of video and podcasts is an eBusiness strategy that should not be overlooked.

High Profit Moneymaking eBusiness Strategy Example

If your goal is to produce a 5-6 figure passive monthly income, the best eBusiness solutions are those that require monthly or annual fees for membership or advertising.

Let's assume you have a directory site for chiropractors with 3 groups.

  • Group 1 pays $25 a month to be found in one or more categories with a basic page of information including a web site link and inquiry form.
  • Group 2 pays $50 a month for a page that includes everything the first group receives and allows them to upload a video, pictures and testimonials with ratings.
  • Group 3 pays $100 a month for everything that group 2 receives and gets an immediate text message on their mobile whenever their inquiry form is completed.
  • Let's also assume you have a successful affiliate program in place that pays your affiliates 20 percent of the sales they are responsible for, every month.

By the end of year one, you have the following membership:

  • In group 1, you have 1000 advertisers paying $25 / month for a total of $25,000 / month.
  • In group 2, you have 1000 advertisers paying $50 / month for a total of $50,000 / month
  • In group 3, you have 500 advertisers paying $100 / month for a total of $50,000 / month

In total, you have $125,000 / month in gross revenue from passive income. You pay your affiliates $25,000 / month and even if you pay another $25,000 / month in marketing expenses, you have a net profit of $75,000 / month.

Almost any business can benefit from such a solution. An expert eBusiness consulting company can help you to identify high profit ebusiness ideas that can free you from a life of hard work and the limited results you are getting. Look for more eBusiness articles from WebPuzzleMaster.com


How do you differentiate yourself? With the explosion of service businesses it should be your top concern - to set yourself apart from the pack. The trick is to be one in a million, not one of the millions.

In marketing jargon it's called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). I call it a HUB - Hot Undeniable Benefit of doing business with you. Your HUB sets you apart from the crowd. It tells your clients why you are special. And it answers their biggest question: "Why should I do business with you instead of anyone else?"

Try this little exercise. Take a look at your promotional materials. Do they say things like:

*best service, * in business since 1291 B.C. * newest technology, * best trained, * fastest delivery, * friendly smiles, * we do it right the first time, *professional service and so on.

You get the point, right? These are useless platitudes that don't communicate your uniqueness. Even worse - all of your competitors say it too!

So how do you go about discovering your HUB? If you work in a competitive industry it may be virtually impossible to set yourself apart based on what you do. But you can always find something unique about how you do it. Do you cater to a specific group of people? Are you expert in addressing a specific issue? Do you guarantee your work?

Finally, there is one thing in your business that no one else can duplicate - YOU! So don't be afraid to give your business or practice a little personality.

***Here is a winning tip: look for unresolved problems in your industry and become an expert in providing a solution.

That is exactly what a small parcel delivery company called FEDEX did. Do you know their HUB? It is: "When you absolutely, positively need it overnight - guaranteed." Funny thing is they are no longer the only company doing it, but they offered it first.

Discover your HUB, state it in all your marketing messages, and see your business turn into a client magnet!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Low self esteem is a feeling of a low self worth. Self esteem is a reflection of what you think or your opinion about yourself. Your self esteem is directly related to your self image. Self esteem can be affected by what you think about your self and what people think about you. Low self esteem can literally affect your life by limiting you from success and discouraging you from setting goals that can turn your life to a great accomplishment. It can go a long way to cause people to live a depressed life or even to the extent of committing suicide.

One fact i know is that we all are special in our different ways. Everybody in life is unique and special, talented, endowed in so many different areas. At the state of a low self esteem, the negative image of oneself takes the dominating part of the mind. We all as a human being have our strengths and weaknesses. Focusing our thoughts on our weaknesses can lead to an unhealthy self esteem.

  1. DISCOVER YOURSELF: you are the major player in determining your self esteem so; the change will start from you. What are those things you like about your self? Take a pen and list all the things you like about yourself, your strengths and your abilities.
  2. LOVE YOURSELF: Yes I mean love yourself; show your self some good love and care. It is said that the way you see your self is the way other people will see you. Start by showing your self some love. Take care of your physical appearance and make exercise part of your daily routine. Dress with good sense of style as this will help you feel good about yourself. Personal hygiene and proper health care should not be ignored. Try to go on your way to give yourself a nice treat sometimes, buy gifts and assure yourself by saying: "I deserve it". Yes if you believe you deserve good things, people around you will also agree with you.
  3. YOUR MIND: your mind is the real you that lives inside you. You build your mind positively by thinking positively. Negative thoughts about your self will result to a low self esteem and this will be reflected in your actions and how you relate to people. Go back to your journal, read those positive things you wrote about your self and focus your thoughts on them.
  4. SET REALISTIC GOALS: why not start by setting small goals you know that you can achieve as this will help you to feel good about your self. Endeavor to reward your self beautifully for accomplishing any goal.
  5. ACCEPT MISTAKES AS A LEARNING PROCESS: nobody is perfect. Even the most successful people on earth have their mistakes or failures but they did not stop there. Instead, they learn from it and move on. Teach yourself to see mistakes as a learning process and a chance to perform better.

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