Monday, April 20, 2009


Before setting up your strategic plans, the first question is to ask, "what is your vision?". Visioning tells you what your preferred future is. A vision is an idea or a picture in your imagination about the future. Imagination is the workshop of man where in is fashioned the pattern of all his achievements. It can also be called the workshop of the soul wherein man's hope, dreams, desires are made ready for material expression.

Imagination is of two types: synthetic imagination and creative imagination. By synthetic we mean the act of combining already existing ideas, concepts, ideas, plans, facts and principles and transforming them into a new idea. Taking what is obtainable around you and re-packaging it into a new form. While a creative vision consists of a raw/new idea that were first conceived in your subconscious mind. The ability to perceive and interpret it makes your vision creative.

Your vision must be characterized by these key components:
  • Encompassed by your beliefs.
  • Be defined and practical.
  • A visible statement/declaration of your future outcome.
  • It must be in accordance with your organizational goal.
  • A guide to your plans and actions.
  • It must be inspiring.
Having a vision is very important in the life of any one who chooses to be an achiever in the sense that it provides you with consistence in your actions and helps to get you more focused. It shows the direction and promotes interest and commitment. It also gives an efficient and productive result by breaking you out of boundary thinking.
Above all it helps to make you an achiever.


  1. Create a vision because you really need it. You don't create a vision because you see other organizations having there visions but, do it because you really understand its usefulness and want to make good use of its advantage.
  2. Focusing your mind on the problem through concentration of interest and making it the major occupant of your mind from day to day until this auto-suggestion penetrate your subconscious mind and register a clear picture of your desire.
  3. Keep it simple. You don't have to fill pages of a book with your organizational vision but try and keep it simple for easy understanding and assimilation.
  4. Be persistence in your vision. Men with a keen sense of imagination will seldom quit trying until they find the answer to their problem even in the face of thousands of trials.
  5. You need to create a vision that is inspiring as this will help you to be consistence in pursuing it.
  6. Be open to dramatic modifications in the future if the need arises. Nothing is permanent, as we all know that life and events are dynamic so you need to be flexible in other to incorporate some changes later.
  7. Beware of vision killers. These killers can be your negative beliefs or traditions, short sightedness in thinking, fear of ridicule, weak leaders and being too satisfied with a situation even when is not working.

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