Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thought is a form of energy that is distributed around the brain which possesses intelligence. A brain is like a rich garden spot in that it will voluntary grow a fine crop of weeds if it is not organized and kept busy growing a more desirable crop. The unwanted weeds are represented by the stray thoughts that take possession of the unorganized, idle mind, as the result of one's daily environment.

People think differently. There can be two types of thinking namely intense thinking and distracting thinking. Intense thinking is the type of thinking that can affect you when you go to sleep, which can even cause anxiety at night. Distracting thinking is the type of thinking where your mind gets easily distracted. That is lacking focus.

Before we go into learning how to get rid of those unwanted weeds in other to produce a productive thoughts, we have to look at the benefits of an organized thinking.
  • Organized thinking enables you to become the master of your own mind. You achieve this by learning to control your emotions as to not to let any unwanted person penetrate into your mind to read your thoughts.
  • It will to force you to work with a defined goal or objective.
  • It helps to develop the habit of working with a defined plan.
  • It helps you to develop self-reliance.
  • It enables you to stimulate the subconscious mind positively to greater actions, in attainment of a defined objective. Gives you the control to cut negative thoughts that can be destructive.
  • It helps you to develop the habit of making accurate analysis through which you can discover solutions to your problems rather than worrying over problems. Finding the solutions gives you peace of mind.
  • It helps in developing a productive mind rather than an idle mind which spells problem.
  • Organized thought gives you an organized life.


IT IS IN YOUR POWER TO ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS: in order to become an accurate thinker, you need to understand that it is in your power to organize your thoughts. The power with which we "think" is mental dynamite that can be organized and used properly to attain a definite end.

SET YOUR THINKING PURPOSE: get paper and pen and write down that issue you want to think about. This is the purpose of your thought or definite motive. This is the center and the main subject matter of your thought.

FOCUS: putting your mind to concentrate on the subject matter without allowing distractions to put you off your purpose. Try staying alone in a quiet cool place as this will help minimize distractions.

GET FACTS TO FACILITATE YOUR THOUGHTS: you need to make use of reliable information, facts that are related to the definite purpose as this will help to make your thinking more accurate. Don't base on guess-work or hopeful wishing.

TAKE NOTE OF ALL YOUR THOUGHTS: as you are focusing your mind on the main purpose, endeavour to write down any thoughts you generate around it. Write down in a simple and a clear language.

REVIEW YOUR THOUGHTS: you need to take some break and come back to review the listed thoughts you have on your list. Organize your thoughts by grouping them into likely thoughts and showing their realistic interconnections with each other. Do this with a flexible creative mind and remember to keep it simple.

FORM A DEFINITE THOUGHT HABITS: repeat the processes or steps above and make it part of your thinking habits. You gain control over your thoughts by forming a thought habits. When habits are formed they function automatically, without nay voluntary effort on the individual to enforce it. Through self discipline you may switch the action of your mind from the response to the casual influences around you, to the subject matter of your own choice.
Remember self-discipline and organized thinking are almost synonymous terms.

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  1. i totally agree with these principles of thought, it takes methodical steps, practice makes perfect.


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